Episode 2.16 - Fight Club 2 / Suicide Dives / Danny Brown

September 29, 2016

We're joined by mysterious masked wrestler and de facto co-host Big Boot of electrifying t-shirt tag champs Big Boot Leg Drop to talk Fight Club 2 (12:13), the most dangerous game in wrestling (30:56), and the new Danny Brown (49:28). 

Episode 2.15 - Special Guest Becky Cloonan on Punisher / Kevin Owens / Black Metal

September 15, 2016

One of our first (and most reknowned) guests is back. We're happy to be joined by Becky Cloonan to talk about her take on The Punisher, history with wrestling, and recommendations on sketch-free black metal!

Episode 2.14 - Suicide Squad / Wrestling with Matt D. Wilson / Kendrick Lamar

September 1, 2016
5:21 - Suicide Squad (barf)
22:37 - Kevin Owens worship w/ War Rocket Ajax's own Matt D. Wilson!
1:03:40 - James sees Kendrick Lamar

Life Leave Me Alone 2.13: The Tick / The Miz / Twin Peaks

August 26, 2016

We're back AGAIN with guest co-host Joe Foster (joe-foster.com) to talk about the new Amazon Pilot for #TheTick before getting on the phone with one half of the World's Most Dangerous Tag Team BIG BOOT LEG DROP (https://www.instagram.com/bigbootlegdrop). We also attempt to shepherd a wayward Loner into the land of #TwinPeaks 

Life Leave Me Alone 2.12: The Vision / General Distaste / James on Tour

August 19, 2016

We're back with guest co-host Joe Foster (joe-foster.com) James checks in from his tour with Julien Baker, we talk Tom King's The Vision (13:40), and Joe explains why he can't deal with wrestling.

Life Leave Me Alone 2.11: The WWE Draft (NO APOLOGIES)

July 20, 2016

James and Matt are joined by special guest commentator Brendan Howard for the official WWE Draft! Everyone does their best to give context and explanation, so if you aren't hip to the wrestle scene maybe stick around and see what it's about! 

SPOILER: It's ridiculous!  

Life Leave Me Alone 2.10: Vision / FINAL DELETION / Blink-182

July 14, 2016
Buckle up, Loaners. The boys are back and feeling long winded. 

Comics - 20:23

Progressive Wrestle and FINAL DELETION - 32:40
New Blink 182 - 59:18

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Life Leave Me Alone 2.9: Batman Rebirth / RAW / Mitski

June 29, 2016
Back in the saddle after cons and weddings, James and Matt interview themselves about stuff you may care about.
12:55 - Comics about Batman

19:04 - Wrasstlin on Monday Night RAW

41:26 - Song with Mitski and Aesop Rock

Life Leave Me Alone 2.8: A Very Special Heroes Con

June 21, 2016

Matt goes to Heroes Con 2016! We talk to cosplayers about comics, comics creators about wrestle, and Matt somehow talks to legendary hip-hop artist and pop-culture pioneer DMC of RUN-DMC!

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Life Leave Me Alone 2.7: DC Rebirth / Road to MITB / Chance The Rapper

June 13, 2016
10:53 - DC Rebirth
32:10 - WWE Raw 6/6
45:27 - Chance The Rapper "Coloring Book"