Episode 101: Wonder Woman with the Wonder Women of MyBirth

June 30, 2017

In a reality-shattering crossover event, Matt speaks with his wife and her baby birthing comrade about the new Wonder Woman movie.

Learn more about doula stuff: mybirthrva.com

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Episode 100: Batman & Rock Candy Mountain / Wrestling Circus / Frigid Takes

May 31, 2017

To celebrate our 100th episode we've got Matt alone in a car!

Comics (6:07)

Wrestling (16:13)

Music (26:29)

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Episode 99: Legion / Tiger Mask W / Perturbator

February 28, 2017

We've got special guest co-host Stone Cold Matt D. Wilson from War Rocket Ajax filling in and taking names. We talk Legion, Tiger Mask W, and noisey music things. 

Check out War Rocket Ajax and the rest of Matt's excellent output: mattdwilson.net

You can find our music recommednations at:



Aversion's Crown




Episode 2.21: The OA / Rumble Reactions

February 7, 2017

(12:48) The OA

(40:37) Rumble Reactions 

(01:06) old dudes go to shows


Episode 2.20: RIP Carrie Fisher / Rogue One / 2016 Top Albums

December 29, 2016

James and Matt discuss the loss of author and icon Carrie Fisher before diving headfirst into Rogue One.



49:02 - Top Albums of 2016


Episode 2.19: Megan James / Live from Smackdown

December 20, 2016

We talk to beloved and fast rising RVA creator Megan James about her Lovcraftian comedy "Innsmouth" out from sink/swim.

Also, live reaction from James about his first real life wrasstling event.

2:59 - Megan James

22:40 - Suplexes

52:20 - Get Into It


Episode 2.17: Luke Cage / Women’s Hell in a Cell / Assorted Tunes

November 4, 2016

Joined by consummate post-punk artisan Aaron Tyree of Shadow Age to talk about Netflix's LUKE CAGE. 


Episode 6.66: SEND HELP

October 27, 2016

Things went terribly wrong.


Episode 2.16 - Fight Club 2 / Suicide Dives / Danny Brown

September 29, 2016

We're joined by mysterious masked wrestler and de facto co-host Big Boot of electrifying t-shirt tag champs Big Boot Leg Drop to talk Fight Club 2 (12:13), the most dangerous game in wrestling (30:56), and the new Danny Brown (49:28).